By: Savannah F.

Don’t you just love those popular and pretty badges! I know I do, but I love a lot of those unknown badges too. I wonder how many of you know them? If you don’t know some then you are about to learn more,
           One badge that is super fun is What if I couldn’t badge. It is available to any age level. It’s about showing girls that even if they have a disability they can still join Girl Scouts. It also helps girls understand that just because they have a disability, it doesn’t mean that they cant do things other people do or that they different.
           Another badge is Getting to Girl led – and loving it. Any level of Girl Scouts, other than Girl Scout Daisies can do the badge just in different ways. It teaches you how to lead or how to help lead. If you are dreaming of being a teacher or any type of leader then this will help you to be better.
           If you’re from Georgia then this one is for you! Have you ever felt like you don’t know much about your beautiful Georgia? Well Georgia On My Mind will help. You will learn all sorts of things like people, places, history, food, and other amazing facts about Georgia.
I hope you are interested in some of these unknown badges that you can earn. There are other badges that aren’t in the book. To find them go to the GirlScouts of Greater Atlanta’s website.

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