By: Pooja D.

Hello Everyone,

            It’s us! Lily and Helga, the renowned sister and friend of GiGi. We are taking off from out last adventure with GiGi for a little while.  It is the end of the 100th anniversary celebration and that means it is time for GiGi to head back to Atlanta.

GiGi spent time away from her job at the Lime Green Giraffe to play with us, but now it is time for her to get back to work.

            We have had a lot of fun over the past few months and we have shared many memories.  As you may remember, in the last issue we were about to go camping.  It was so much fun. The best part was sitting around the campfire singing songs and dancing. 
GiGi also cooked for us! She used all the recipes she had learned from the Lime Green Giraffe staff and made us delicious meals.  I, Lily, can now honestly say that she has become a wonderful cook.  I remember when she was little and tried so hard to cook a simple meal, and here she is cooking this wonderful food with ease. 
At the cabin, we also did some of the DIY crafts from the Lime Green Giraffe magazine. We had so much fun!
            While at home, we watched movies and played hide-and-seek. Helga is the queen hide-and-seek.  We had so much fun, but our time together was ending. 
GiGi packed up her stuff because it was time for her to go back to her beloved Lime Green Giraffe staff.  We had a teary good-bye. We promised each other and that we would write often. 

Now, Helga and I are saying good-bye to all you wonderful readers of the Lime Green Giraffe.  We have enjoyed writing in this magazine. It has been a fun and an amazing opportunity.  Thank you for reading our adventures with GiGi.
Your 100th anniversary friends,
Lily and Helga

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