Collected by: Jaelyn W.

1) Okay...So I was in the 7th grade that Willow Smith song Whip My Hair just came out. I have short ponytail so I wore a phony ponytail and we had this class young leaders class. We were in a circle. I was sitting next to this boy named Keonte and I was like I whip my hair “back n forth” and smacked him with my ponytail on purpose. He wanted me to do it again and guess what happened? I did it again and he snatches my ponytail completely from my head and everyone was laughing. I cried for the rest of the day but now I just laugh about it.

2) I was in class and I was walking to my chair when I fell on the chair and everyone was laughing and staring at me. After I started all the commotion and had to go to the nurse and explain to them what happened.

3) I was going to a play at my elementary school to see my sister. My mom was helping out. My dad brought me to the school. My grandma was supposed to meet us there. When we arrived, it was dark except for the stage lights and I saw someone that looked like my grandma. So I walked up to the person and gave them and hug and kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t my grandma.

4) One morning I was on my way to work, I used to get dropped off at the MARTA station. This particular morning it was raining. As I was getting to the station I saw my bus and didn't want to miss it because I would be late for work. Before my ride could come to a complete stop I started to get out of the car and ran toward the bus. The bus driver opened the door and I took my first step and fell toward where she was sitting. She asked if I was okay and told me to slow down because the bus wouldn't be departing for another ten minutes. When I looked up all I saw was a bus full of people staring at me.

5) One day I decided I wanted to wear white pants to school with a really cute top so I did. It was time for recess and some friends asked if I wanted to play kick ball so I said “sure.” When it was my time to kick, they rolled the ball to me and I missed it and fell in the dirt. Not only did I have dirt on my butt on my white pants but also everyone laughed at me. I called my mom to bring me some clothes to but she couldn’t get to school before lunch so I had to walk in front of everyone inthe cafeteria while wearing my dirt covered pants.

6) For me it was humiliating, I had on a brand new pair of tap dance shoes for my dance recital. I was about to do my solo piece. I made my first turn and down to the ground I went. Although the audience thought it was part of my routine it was not and one of the most humiliating moments of my life because I missed my solo while I was on the floor.

7) Once I went to work in my nightclothes. I woke up late and was rushing out the house. I didn't realize my nightclothes were under my work clothes until I got to work. One of my co-workers noticed and asked if I had planned to go back to bed. During my lunch break I had to go back home and change clothes.

8) My mom is always losing her car. Once in the mall parking lot she was inserting her keys and playing around with a car that she thought was hers. Then the car alarm went off. The alarm sounded for a while and before she knew it mall security had been alerted that a woman in the parking lot was trying to break
into a car. 

9) I was going in Wal-Mart to go the bathroom and thought I went to the girls’ bathroom but I went into the boys and I saw this man using the bathroom. I said,  “Hold on I'm in the wrong bathroom.” I was so embarrassed.

10) I was at school and we were doing some type of field day event and my class and another class were doing a relay race. I was trying to race back to my class' line so the next people in my line could go, but I ran so fast that I lost balance and fell. I literally rolled on the grass and landed flat on my face and I had blood dripping from my knees and yes, my crush was laughing so hard. It was so embarrassing.

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