By: Edie W.

When you think of the season, what colors come to mind? For most people, spring and winter bring to mind hues of blue and green, while summer and fall are characterized by warm oranges and reds. It’s easy to incorporate these colors into your outfit, but you can take it up another notch with the ultimate accessory – your manicure! Nail polish is long-lasting, looks great with everything, and it can be the key to your seasonal look.

Before you start planning your seasonal flair, it’s important to understand the basics. For most manicures, you will simply need to apply base coat, 2 layers of color, and a topcoat to clean, shaped nails. You’ll want to make sure each layer is dry before applying the next. If you’ve got the basic application mastered, you’re ready to let yourself be inspired by the seasons.


Summer brings all kinds of watery events. You might find yourself at pool parties, hanging out at the beach, or swimming at the lake. These are great times to show off the neon colors that are so popular right now, but you’ll want to take care to not ruin your manicure after one day in the sun. 

All nail polish is basically waterproof, but the evaporation of the water off of your nails can make your polish chip. To decrease the number of hairline cracks in your topcoat, first get a good brand of nail polish, like Sephora or OPI, that won’t chip as easily as the polish you get in party goody bags. Next, do apply a base coat. It makes the polish stick to your nails more. Only apply one coat of color, because then it will be less likely to get uneven patches of polish. Apply a topcoat, and make sure the polish has had at least 24 hours to dry before going in the water.


Almost everyone loves the colors of fall, and finding fall oranges and reds in nail polish is easy. The only hard part is deciding what color you want to paint your nails!

Fortunately, there is a way to overcome any indecision. A hot trend right now is the ombre technique, which uses two to three different colors, and is very easy to do. Simply apply a base coat, and then two layers of the lightest color you have. Then, use a sponge to apply the next lightest color from the tip of the nail down, leaving some of the first layer uncovered. If you want a third color, apply it (also with a sponge) from the tip of the nail down, leaving a bit of a the first and second colors showing. This will give you a multi-color faded effect that fits right in with the changing colors of fall.


When the weather outside gets frightful, at least we can cheer ourselves up with some nail-decorating fun! Why not brighten your spirits and your nails with pastel colors and tons of glitter to mimic the glistening snow?

Many nail polish brands carry nail glitter, and it’s easy to apply. First, choose your winter pastel. This is a great time of year to experiment with light blue, white, or silver. Next, apply your base coat and two coats of the color you selected. Finally, layer your color with the glitter of your choice. Classic silver glitter goes with every color – even silver!


Spring is the perfect time to bring out the bright pinks and even greens that you kept hidden during winter. It’s also a great time to take advantage of patterns and great nail art. Why not add stripes or polka dots in contrasting colors, or add floral nail stickers to help your style “bloom?”

When it comes to completing your look, it’s hard to find a better accessory than a manicure that’s perfect for your

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