By Elizabeth W.

2013 Lime Green Giraffe Webmaster
Obstacles. Ropes. Mud. Barbed Wire. Water. Fire. More mud.
These are the things that warriors must face and conquer in the exhilarating Warrior Dash, a 5k mud obstacle course race held annually in almost every state, as well as in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and several countries in Europe. Warrior Dash joins the likes of the Spartan Sprint, the Superhero Scramble, and Tough Mudder in the field of obstacle courses, which have grown significantly in popularity over the last four years. Each obstacle course event offers a large experience beyond the race itself. Free food, giveaways, t-shirts, and live bands attract thousands of visitors and racers alike.

The growing popularity of obstacle races—particularly those involving mud—is a testament to the adventurous spirit being rekindled in people of all ages, for while running the race, wading through water, dodging barbed wire, and leaping over fire, something vibrant and alive ignites inside the runner, a euphoria that will never be forgotten.

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