By: Sabrina Y. 

You hear your friends talking about Doctor Who in school, but what is this T.V. show all about? Well, here is the 411.

Let’s start off with the title. The show is called Doctor Who because the protagonist is named the Doctor, just the Doctor. He has a real name, of course, but it is a mystery to all. The Doctor is a time lord, and can travel anywhere in time and space. His time machine is called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions ISpace). It’s disguised as a blue police box because the TARDIS is the most important space ship in the entire universe. Who knows what would happen if the machine got into the wrong hands. The Doctor may look human, but he is indeed a two-hearted alien from the planet 
Gallifrey. Unfortunately, he is the last of his kind, but he tries to put his feelings aside. 
Although he feels lonely, the Doctor still continues his job of saving different places and 
planets with just a sonic screwdriver, and his quick thinking. This time lord is many 
things, and fans of this show know that he is remarkably brilliant and funny.

Since the Doctor is all alone, he always finds someone who he thinks would make a 
great companion. Only special people with great potential are asked to travel with him to
save different worlds, and only fun and special people looking for adventure would be 
crazy enough to travel with a mad man in a blue box. Although he doesn’t like to admit 
that he’s lonely, he knows that he always needs someone trustworthy and cunning at 
his side. 

In the first two seasons his companion was Rose Tyler. She thought the Doctor was 
insane at first, but she longed for an adventure, so of course she would travel with him. 
Then it was Martha Jones in season three. She had fun with the Doctor, and ended up 
saving his life, but when she decided she was done with all the dangerous adventures, 
Donna Noble met the doctor and stayed with him throughout season four. For seasons 
five, six, and seven part one, Amelia Pond was his companion. 

She is my favorite so far because she’s different from all the other companions. She is more daring and adventurous. Also, she acts more like a child, and you can see her 
change throughout the seasons. I think Amelia Pond made the show a little more 
interesting with her fun and bright personality. For season seven part two (the most current season), Clara Oswin-Oswald takes over the role of the companion. She is still a mystery to many, but people can still see that she’s brave, outgoing, and humorous. Clara Oswin-Oswald seems like the perfect companion for the Doctor.

Some of the monsters and aliens the Doctor and his companion have to face are 
Daleks, the Cyber men, the Silence, and the Weeping Angels. Right now some readers 
still may be asking, “What’s so great about this show? My friends talk about it all the 
time, but I don’t get what’s so amazing about it. Yeah the Doctor and his companion 
fight off evil, save worlds, yada yada yada, but it’s just a regular sci-fi plot, right?” 
Wrong! That’s what I thought at first, and I resented the idea of watching a sci-fi show, 
but Doctor Who is so much more. It has a little bit of everything packed into one show! 
There’s mystery, romance, comedy, horror, adventure, and more!

The show itself started a long time ago in the 1960’s. It still had the same storyline, 
but I don’t think it was as entertaining and interesting as it is today. Doctor Who is a 
British show. It airs on BBC America. I know that Doctor Who is hard to explain and 
understand, but watch some episodes. I promise you will fall in love with Doctor Who! I 
recommend watching every single episode of Doctor Who, but to get you started I have 
listed below my favorite episode of Doctor Who for each season. 

Sabrina’s Must See Doctor Who Episode List! 

Season 1:
Episode 9: The Empty Child

Season 2:
Episode 5: the Girl in the Fireplace

Season 3:
Episode 11: Blink

Season 4:
Episode 9: Silence in the Library
David Tennant Specials (Continued with season 4)
Episode 3: The Waters of Mars

Season 5:
Episode 4: The Time of Angels

Season 6:
Episode 9: Night Terrors

Season 7 Part 1
Episode 1: The Asylum of the Daleks
Season 7 part 2: 
Episode 11: The Crimson Horror

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