By Elizabeth W.

2013 Lime Green Giraffe Webmaster

Many high schools and middle schools around the world are certified in a program known as International Baccalaureate. The IB program is comprised of a Middle Years Program for grades sixth to tenth and a diploma program for eleventh and twelfth grades. The culmination of the five-year Middle Years Program is the Personal Project, a highly involved, detailed project similar to the Girl Scout Gold Award. Like the Girl Scout Gold Award, the Personal Project often involves community service, teamwork, and reflections. Unlike the Girl Scout Gold Award, the Personal Project does not necessarily have to involve service to others. Rather, the Personal Project focuses on personal growth through applying one’s strengths. A Personal Project could be building a Habitat for Humanity home, but it could also be designing and sewing a dress for yourself. The key to a Personal Project is creation and use, and with the requirements greatly resembling those of a Girl Scout Gold Award Project, it is worth completing if your school offers the Middle Years Program.

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