By: Kara S.

Have you ever been sitting around with a friend, unsure of what to do? Well, then this is the list for you! Here are eight of the most fun things to do with your besties:

  1) Pillow fights- This usually works well with three or more girls. Make sure to have your pillow fight this in a room where there is nothing breakable or valuable around. Each girl has a soft, fluffy pillow. For as long as you want, girls try to softly hit each other (but not at their heads) with only the pillow. The last girl standing with her pillow is the winner!

  2) Draw Off- Each girl needs at least one piece of paper, pencils, and something to use to color her picture. As a group, come up with a category. It can be anything at all, from animals to food. Then set a timer for however long you want to spend drawing. When the time is up, take turns presenting your pictures. Then, you can vote on which one is the best!

   3)Hangman- The easiest way to play Hangman is to have a sheet of paper and a pencil. Secretly, come up with a word and draw blanks at the bottom of the paper, one for each letter. Then, tell your friend the category (animal, places…). Your friends then take turns guessing a letter in the word.  If they do not guess correct letter, then you draw part of the post or man, one part at a time. If they do guess the correct letter, then you put that letter in a many blanks as it appears in the word. Have your friends keep guessing until either the word is complete or the man is completely drawn. Then, have another person come up with a  new word and keep going!

   4)    Water Balloon Fight- This is a game to play outside when it is warm. Fill lots of water balloons (You can find water balloons at most store that sell regular balloons) with water and put them in a container such as a bucket or cooler. Then take the container outside and have each girl take a few water balloons, but still leave some in the container. Then, have the girls get away from the bucket and hide, and when everyone is ready, start throwing the balloons at each other! If you run out of balloons, get a few more from the container. The game is over when there are no more balloons left and the winner is the girl who got the least wet! One note, make sure to pick up any small pieces of balloon when the game is over. A Girl Scout always leaves a place better than she found it.

   5)    Hide and Seek Tag- This is a classic game, and most people know how to play it, but if you don’t, here is a quick run-down. First, pick a “base”, which is where you try to run to. One girl is “It”, so she closes her eyes and counts the sixty. While she is counting, the other girls find a hiding spot and stay very quiet as “It” looks for them. At any time, the players can either find a new hiding spot, try to run to base, or just stay where they are. “It” tries to tag the other girls before they get to base. If you touch base, you are safe and “It” can’t tag you. The round is over when all the girls have either been tagged or have gotten to base. The first girl who was tagged becomes the new “It” and you play again!

   6)    Flashlight Tag- This is a game that is best played outside in a large space and at night. One girl who is “It” has a flashlight and closes her eyes to count to sixty. The other girls do not have flashlights and must go find a hiding spot. When “It” has finished counting, she has to go find the other girls who are hiding. If you are hiding, you may move at any time, but there is no base. “It” may only shine her flashlight somewhere if she thinks that is where someone is hiding. If no one is hiding there, then “It” must turn her flashlight off and try to find someone else. You are “tagged” when “It” shines her flashlight on you. The game ends when all of the girls have been “tagged”, and the first person caught is now “It”.

   7)    Infection- This game is best played in an area with lots of people. One person is considered the “bacteria”, and all of the “healthy” people hide as the bacteria counts to sixty. She is the “bacteria.” The “bacteria” then goes around and tries to tag anyone who is healthy, and her touch has “infected” them. Both girls are now “bacteria” and keep going around tagging people. The trick is to go up to your friends casually so they might think you're not infected yet. The game ends when there is one “healthy” girl left, and then the first person “infected” becomes the next “bacteria”.

   8)    Manhunt- This is one of my favorite games and is best played outside is a very large space with some obstacles. The group of girls divides into two teams. One team closes their eyes and counts while the other hides, either together or separately. When that team is done counting, they go and try to find and tag all of the members of the other team. When all of the teams have been tagged, the teams switch roles.

    So now you never have to be bored again while hanging out with your friends! There are so many choices of things to do; you may now have a hard time figuring out what to do. Always remember to play fair and have fun! :)

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