By: Nia H.

What do you do afterschool? Do you play a sport? Do you hang out with friends? Do you sit at the computer?

Afterschool, many schools offer a program to its girls called Girl Talk. The program has currently reached over 40,000 girls with chapters in 43 states and six countries! Then 15-year old Haley Kilpatrick, who was living in Albany, Georgia when she first drummed up the idea, originally launched Girl Talk. She wanted to influence girls to become role models. In 2002, the Girl Talk program began. It has become one of the fastest growing mentoring programs within the U.S, and is 100% free to any girl who wishes to join. 

Leaders from a local high school run each chapter to help create a peer-to-peer connection. The leadership model is motivation for the older girls to become role models for the younger peers that look up to them.

At Pinckneyville Middle School, every Tuesday after school, girls have the opportunity to participate in the program. From 4:15 to 5:15, middle school girls from 6th to 8th grade gather in one room and spend an hour together, discussing friendship and challenges facing girls from this age group, as well as participate in team building and getting to know you games.

“It’s a great place where you can be yourself,” Says 8th grader, KuKeng’a.

“It helps build self-esteem among girls.” “I love Girl Talk because it has made me more confident,” says Dori, another 8th grader who participates in the program. 

Some of the activities include “Guess Who?” games, where you write a fact about yourself, and everyone in the room has to guess who wrote it.  Another exercise is ‘Would you rather?’ where you have to choose between  two options given to you.

Girl Talk at Pinckneyville Middle School, is run by older girls from Norcross High School. The leaders are Savannah, Morgan, Meghan, Sophie, and Karina. These girls, range from freshman to senior year,


“It’s a magical place where girls can be girls and get superb advice for their problems and make new friends!” says Morgan, a 10th grade leader who has participated in Girl Talk since she was in middle school.

I think Girl Talk is a fabulous organization. If you are interested in Girl Talk, ask your school to start a chapter! 

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