By: Kara S.

eReaders are becoming more and more popular by the day. Besides just reading books, you can play games, do research for school, and maybe even get your textbooks downloaded to it. But are eReaders really better than going to the library or bookstore and getting a book actually made of paper? There are many pros and cons to either option. Plus, some people refuse to pick up a Kindle or Nook, while many others won't leave home without it.
Advantages of reading an eBook are greatly numbered. For one thing, eReaders are extremely lightweight in comparison to how much they can hold, which is a LOT. Plus, they keep what you are doing very discreet. Nobody will ever know what book you are reading or whether or not you are even reading book or if you are actually playing a game. Also, most eReaders have a backlight that can be brightened or dimmed, so gone are the days of juggling a flashlight and the book to read in the dark and squinting to try to read through the glare off the pages in the bright sunlight. 
Even though there are many advantages, there are also a few disadvantages. If you bring your eReader to school, you may get into a bunch of trouble. The newest devices also cost quite a bit of money, but the older ones are cheaper. It also costs a lot of money to put books on a Nook, and there are almost no free books available. The free books that are around are mostly classics, and most kids don't really want to read those. Plus, you have to make sure that your eReader is charged before you want to use it, otherwise you are just outta luck! 
Print books are quickly becoming a blast from the past. It seems it has been deemed "uncool" to be seen at the public library checking out books. Even though they are going out of style, paper books actually still have a lot going for them. Instead of buying every book you want to read on your Kindle, you can just go to the library and check it out from there or borrow it from a friend for free. Plus, you will almost never get in trouble reading a book at school. You never have to keep paper charged like you do an eBook. Most people just like the feel of holding a print book. Turning the pages can give you a feeling of getting closer to reaching your goal of finishing the book. 
Paperback and hardcover print books also have some negatives associated with them. For one thing, they weigh a lot more than a than eBooks do. If you want to carry more than one book, it really starts to weigh you down, while an eReader can hold a bunch of books without gaining any weight. Plus, you don't have to worry about keeping up with tons of books; you just have to keep up with an eBook.
In my opinion, I prefer eBooks to books in print. I currently own a Kindle (which I earned through the Girl Scouts), and I am absolutely in love with it! I bring it with me everywhere. I do my homework and read books on it. Personally, I think I read more on my Kindle because I don't have to lug a two-pound book around with me. (I read big books.) 
Now I think you should do some research on your own and decide for yourself, which is better: an eBook or print book?

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