By: Edie W.

Wondering what songs to choose for a long road trip, your next DJ gig, or even to sing in the shower? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place. Now presenting: some of the top songs of 2013!

Still into You by Paramount
This feel-good song is peppy, upbeat, and exciting, which is exactly my style! It appeals to many people, and is perfect for a bedroom jam session.

Royals by Lorde
Probably the slowest song in the top twenty, this song still has massive appeal. The beat is rhythmic and soothing, and the lyrics are very deep. All in all, a very powerful song!

Roar by Katy Perry
This anthem has gathered many fans in the weeks following its release. It’s probably the most likely out of any of these songs to be used at a high school graduation.

Wake Me Up by Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc
A great song with a folksy feel to it. Good for fans of Mumford and Sons or Phillip Phillips.

Counting Stars by OneRepublic
A sweet song with a good message. The music is airy and light, but still has substance to it. Another hit from OneRepublic!

Applause by Lady GagaAnother cool song by Lady Gaga. This song is very similar to her other ones,so it has been very popular with her fans.

True Love by P!nk
Yet another song with a great music video. This song has unique music, and unique words, so it is very refreshing.

Let Her Go by Passenger
A fairly recent song, it has risen its way up through the ranks to take its rightful place in the line up. This is a calm song, with meaningful lyrics.

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey
One of the sadder songs on the list. Lana Del Ray’s hit is very influential and inspiring. You’ll like it the very first time you listen to it!

Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran
A cute song by Taylor Swift. It talks about love, but also seems to have a deeper meaning to it.

Love Somebody by Maroon 5
This powerful hit will leave you star struck. Combining amazing vocals with hard-hitting lyrics, this is a song that will stay in your head.

Take Back the Night by Justin Timberlake
This song has an all-new, thoroughly refreshing beat, with a funky tune. A smash hit from Justin Timberlake!

Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert
A great song with a great message. It’s unforgettable!

Treasure by Bruno Mars
Another song for older audiences. This song has a retro feel to it, and has many listeners hooked!

Cups by Anna Kendrick
From the hit movie Pitch Perfect, Ana Kendrick’s two minute long song packs a powerful punch. It’ll have you doing the cups rhythm all day long!

Clarity by Zedd
Even though this song is more like a dance tune than anything else, it still has a powerful feel to it. Good for music fans of all ages.

I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris
A great add in to an Ellie Goulding fan’s repertoire. Featuring dance club-style background music, Goulding and Harris sing a song that will not be forgotten.

Safe and Sound by Capital Cities
This number one hit has it all: an upbeat tune, meaningful lyrics, and an awesome music video. This is definitely a must for anyone who enjoys music.

We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus
For those of you who heart P!nk, here comes a not-so-new singing voice: Miley Cyrus. Though most of us remember her from her Hannah Montana days, Cyrus has started singing a new style, one that many of us will enjoy.

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