By Jaelyn W.

What you need:
- T-shirt - any color (can be found at any craft store)
- any color fabric paint you want , puffy paint works best (if you want to decorate it)
- scissors
- cardboard (only if decorating)
- plastic sheet (also if decorating)
- make-up sponge or paint brush (for decorating)

1) Take your shirt & fold it in half , with both sleeves touching.

2) Take the scissors

3) Cut off the sleeve and about an inch into the shirt

4) There you have it! A muscle tee!

Now if you want to take it a step further with decorating it, keep reading

The design I did was crosses, but you can do any that you choose

1) Take the plastic sheet and cut it into a large square - you don't want it to small because you will have to draw on it

2) Draw a cross or circle (for a full moon) on the plastic sheet & cut it out

3) Tape the plastic back up if needed.

4) Put a piece of cardboard in between the shirt

5) Put the paint on a plate & get the makeup sponge or paint brush

6) Place you plastic sheet stencil on the shirt anywhere u want & begin to fill up the shirt with your design !

You can put anything on the shirt you want it doesn't have to be the design I did. BE CREATIVE & HAVE FUN!

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