By Pooja D.

Here's a preview of the upcoming Broadway musical season at Atlanta's famous Fox Theatre.

Mamma Mia 

The famous Broadway musical Mamma Mia will be coming to the Fox Theatre from September 23 until September 28. Throughout the musical, Sophie is trying to figure out who her real father is so that he can walk her down the aisle during her wedding. Unfortunately, she has never met her father and her mother has never talked about him. Taking things into her own hands, she finds her mother’s diary and decides that her father must be one of three men. She invites all three of them to her wedding and signs the letter with her mother’s name. Find out what happens when her mother reunites with the three men, sing along to the songs, and enjoy Mamma Mia.

The Phantom of the Opera 

This French musical will be coming to the Fox Theatre from October 22 until November 2. The main character of the musical, Christine, is a wonderful opera singer. Quite suddenly, rumors start spreading that there is a phantom living at the Opera and that the phantom does not want the opera singers to perform the play Faust. No one heeds the phantom’s threats, and on opening night, the lead breaks her leg and chaos ensues. The phantom kidnaps Christine during the first performance and takes her to the cellars of the Opera house. The phantom decides to keep her there in the hopes that she will come to love him. Christine, however, loves another, Raoul. Will Christine be able to escape and marry Raoul? Who is the phantom? Find out in The Phantom of the Opera.

Dirty Dancing 

Dirty Dancing will be coming to the Fox Theatre from November 25 until November 30. This musical features Frances Housemen, also known as Baby, and what occurs during her vacation at a resort. During her stay, she develops a crush on the resort’s dancing instructor, Johnny. One day, as she was helping out the staff, she observed the secret parties that the staff had after their shifts were over. Baby becomes intrigued by the new type of dancing she sees the staff engaging in, and through a series of events, Baby finds herself as Johnny’s dance partner for an upcoming competition. Follow what happens with the pair as they continue to dance throughout the musical. 


This family friendly Disney musical will be at the Fox Theatre from January 20 to January 25. The story takes place in New York in 1899 and features the story of a young, rebellious boy named Jack Kelly. Jack is a homeless orphan and makes money by selling newspapers, but he longs to leave New York and make a life for himself. While working, Jack runs into two other boys, David and Les, and they become good friends. When the prices for newspapers are raised due to the greed of the newspaper owners, they stand together and help organize a strike to bring down the prices. Watch Newsies and learn about the importance of standing for your beliefs no matter what anyone else says.


Wicked will be at the Fox Theatre from February 18 until March 8. This amazing musical runs parallel to the book The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum but it is told from the witch’s point of view. It starts off with the song declaring that the Wicked Witch is dead. Everyone is happy, but then we are told that she was not always wicked. We go back to the time when all the witches, good and evil, were in high school and how the choices they made affect who they became. The musical also explains how the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion became the characters that Dorothy met. This family friendly musical gives you a better picture of The Wizard of Oz and is enjoyable for everyone. 

Blue Man Group 

The Blue Man Group at the Fox Theatre will be in town from April 7 until April 12. They use a variety of common object to create music in an artistic and new way. The Blue Man Group does not say a word throughout their performance and lets their innovative music wow the audience. 


This Tony Award winning musical will be at the Fox Theatre from May 5 until May 10. The musical takes place in the Middle Ages and features a young, educated boy named Pippin. Throughout the musical, we see him try to figure out where he belongs. He follows the advice of the Leading Player who is the leader of a theatrical group. Follow Pippin on his adventures and watch him come to the realization of where he is happiest.

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Atlanta, Georgia 30308
(404) 881-2100

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