By: Joyce S. 

Being in Girl Scouts can change your attitude and way of life. It can inspire you to do and to try your best and it helps bring out the kinder side of people. This is Q and A session with guidance counselor Terrena Sanks gives examples of how life changing Girl Scouts can really be.

Lime Green Giraffe: How long were you a Girl Scout? 

Tarrena Sanks: First started out as a Brownie when I was in the 3rd grade, age 7. In the 4th grade, I became a Girl Scout. I remained a Girl Scout until 7th grade. I wanted to continue to be a Cadette but because I was involved with school and extracurricular activities, I did not continue. There were times in junior high that I regretted that decision.

LGG: Did you enjoy it? If so, why? 

TS: I loved my experiences as a Girl Scout. As a Girl Scout we did service events, went on camp outs, learned about helping one another, respecting everyone, and of course selling Girl Scout Cookies. With the selling of Girl Scout Cookies came a lesson too: I learned how to have confidence when talking with new people, I learned not to be afraid of doing new things, and I learned the importance of being polite and friendly to everyone. 

LGG: What did you learn in Girl Scouts?

TS: I learned the importance of sharing of yourself with others. I learned about leadership and what makes a good leader. My Girl Scout troop leaders were excellent ladies to look up to. They were warm, pleasant, and were like our second mothers to us. I am still in contact with them even 30 years later. 

LGG: How did it impact your life? 

TS: Girl Scouts taught me how to give to others in need. My entire career I have always given back. Girl Scouts teaches courage, confidence and character, I feel that this was instilled in me at such a young age so that as I grew and grow older, I chose a career path so that I can instill those same characteristics in others. I enjoy helping people, and giving my time to those in makes me happy and gives me a feeling of satisfaction.

LGG: What do you currently do for a living?

TS: For the past 10 years I have been working with adults who have HIV/AIDS. It is my responsibility to make sure that they have medical care and medicine. This has been a rewarding experience and I have found that my passion is helping those who are in need, especially in a medically needy situation. I am currently working and attending school at Florida State University to obtain my Master's degree in Social Work. I want to continue my passion of helping those in need.

LGG: Did participating in Girl Scouts help make some parts of your job easier? If so, which parts? 

TS: Girl Scouts and the whole essence of what it stands for, is a part of who I am. Being honest and fair, courageous and strong, using resources wisely, respecting yourself and others, and making the world a better place are all parts of who I am and thus, they have been a part of my career. It makes my working with people a much better experience. Participating in Girl Scouts taught me how to work with all types of people, how to be a strong and fair leader, how to carry myself with dignity. Those characteristics have helped to make my job easier when it comes to leading and working with my co-worker and my clients.
 Girl Scouts can help you grow as a troop, a leader, and as a person. So try to imagine your future, learning and growing in a friendly Girl Scout environment can help you in ways you may not have thought about.

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