By: Sabrina Y. 

A passion and a dream;
An unbeatable team.
I put my mind and heart to the test,
So I always do my best.

I am a writer, an author if you must.
My passion burns bright on the inside, this I can trust.
Inside my head, words dance around and have fun.
How could I not write a story? The chances are none!

While some teens my age shop or play,
I write in my room the entire day.
Some people may think it’s a waste of time,
But I know my future will be better than fine.

Imagine my book sold in every store!
I promise it will not be a bore.
I shall sign books everywhere I go.
Readers will be thrilled, this I know.

I don’t need to be famous to inspire the youth.
I want to teach them that writing’s beneficial, and that’s the truth.
All I need is clean paper, a pencil, and heart,
To show children how to express themselves through writing, an important art!

Once they write a story, kids may enjoy exploring
The wondrous world they’ve created that’s far from boring.
If I can help just one person discover a passion for writing,
Then glorious success will rain upon me, how exciting!

Becoming an author is a dream for me,
So I shall work hard and write every moment I have free.
So if you don’t mind, I have work to do.

I must create a story that’s imaginative and new.

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