In honor of Lime Green Giraffe’s 10th anniversary, we’re holding a Random Words Writing Contest! Below, you will see 16 words. Your task is to write an amazing story using three or more of the words from the list below! Excited?!??!
  1. Icon
  2. Garden
  3. Aid
  4. Shampoo
  5. Gym
  6. Horseshoe
  7. Turtle
  8. Whistle
  9. Beast
  10. Lighthouse
  11. Riot
  12. Pie
  13. Remedy
  14. Blackboard
  15. Fault
  16. Handbag

The rules for this contest are as follows:
  1. Your story has a minimum of 100 words, and a maximum of 500.
  2. Your story must be fiction, but can be about any subject you wish.
  3. You must use at least three words from the required list.
  4. All entries must be emailed to by midnight ET on October 31, 2014. (Happy Birthday, JGL!)
  5. You must be a registered Girl Scout or Girl Guide between the ages of 11-17 to enter.
  6. Every girl is limited to one (1) entry.
  7. Be sure to include the following information in the body of your submission email: your first and last name, age, unit and an email address where we can contact you.
  8. First, second, and third place stories will be published in the February issue of Lime Green Giraffe.

Above all, have fun, and good luck!

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