At the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Volunteer Leadership Conference, GSGATL’s Senior Director of Membership, Patricia Frederico sat down for an interview with Lime Green Giraffe Reporter Sydnie C. Here’s a bit of their conversation.

Lime Green GiraffeWhat is the role of the membership executive?

Patricia Frederico: To support the volunteer experience department and work with membership staff to reach out to all girls who want to be a Girl Scout.

LGG: What’s the membership goal for the upcoming year?

PF: 43,750 girls

LGG: Is there a particular level of Girl Scouting where the numbers are down? 

PF: Sixth grade and up. 

LGG: How are you planning to overcome that?

PF: We’re planning to expand Gamma Gamma Sigma, which is the Girl Scout sorority club.

LGG: What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

PF: Thin Mints

LGG: What is your advice to the girls of Girl Scouts?

PF: Enjoy the moments that you get to be a Girl Scout. 

Patricia Frederico: What’s your advice to the girls of Girl Scouts?

Sydnie: My advice to the girls is not to be embarrassed about being a Girl Scout. Being a Girl Scout is too beneficial to be something that you try to hide from your peers. 

To learn more about Gamma Gamma Sigma, click here.  

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