By: Sydnie C.
     On August 9th, over 400 people donned in Girl Scout attire overtook the Cobb Galleria for the It Starts with Us Volunteer Leadership Conference. In this day filled with fun as Girl Scout volunteers attended various classes that honed their volunteering skills and broaden their networks with other volunteers from around greater Atlanta. They also got to taste delectable brownies, and partake in the biggest friendship circle I’ve ever seen.              
     The day started with the opening ceremonies, where the attendees of the conference were introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Boling, the master/mistress of ceremony. They spoke about their Girl Scout troop, and Mr. Boling mentioned how he was a proud Girl Scout dad of Troop 13319. He says his involvement was encouraged by an adage he coined himself: “Having dads involved in Girl Scouts helps to build the courage in girls.”        After getting acquainted with the master/mistress of ceremony, the conference proceeded with a few announcements. If you’re technologically savvy like me, then you will fangirl over this news. Girl Scout Cookie season is going digital this year! It will no longer be a hassle to sell Girl Scout Cookies to distant relatives and friends. Your faraway customers can now order cookies online and have them shipped to their homes. 
     Another high tech development you can look forward to in the upcoming Girl Scout year is the digital photo book. The photo book allows you to customize your pictures with Girl Scout templates and carry a scrapbook load of troop memories on your electronic device.  The digital photo book is part of the Treats and Keeps sale that starts on September 2nd.                       
Mary Ann Milton
 While roaming around the conference as an LGG reporter, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing dozens of Girl Scouts, but one in particular caught my eye. She was clad in a uniform that didn’t quite resemble the ones of today. Instead of a vest or sash and khakis, she wore a hunter green dress. Not being able to pass up the opportunity, I asked her for a 
quick interview. From the interview, I gleaned that her name was Mary Ann Milton and she joined Girl Scouts in the 1950s at the age of ten, making her an Intermediate, or a Girl Scout Junior, as they’re called today. Since she joined in 1950, Ms. Mary Ann Milton has been a part of the girl-strengthening organization for 54 years! Before parting, she left me with a word of advice for girls involved in Girl Scouts, “Stay in Girl Scouting for as long as you possibly can.”                 

     Later in the day, I got to have a conversation with Ms. Patricia Frederico, the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Senior Director of Membership. My interview with Ms. Frederico will be published tomorrow at
     At the end of the event, everyone congregated back to the ballroom area for a question and answer session with the executive panel and to hear the vision Amy Dosik, a former tax attorney, has for the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta as the new CEO. 

    To conclude the day, the participants formed a large friendship circle. In Girl Scout fashion, we each placed our arms right over left and chanted “Make New Friends.”  

LGG FUN FACT #1: The Girl Scout Thin Mint was the most favored Girl Scout Cookie at the conference, with Girl Scout Samoa trailing behind in a close second.

FUN FACT #2: There are over 3500 troops in the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta.

FUN FACT #3: On February 14 and 15, Girl Scout Samoa will be celebrating its 40th birthday!

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