Interview by Sydnie C.

Strong4Life is a program ran by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta that is determined to extirpate childhood obesity. Helen D., a Girl Scout, teamed up with this program over the summer to educate girls about nutrition. 

Lime Green Giraffe: What level of Girl Scouting are you? 
Helen D.: Ambassador

LGG: Please explain what you did for your Strong 4 Life project. 
HD: I taught four lessons for the Strong 4 Life program at Camp Loblolly day camp for a week

LGG: Was this project a part of a Service Unit project or just volunteer work? 
HD: I volunteered.

LGG: Would you do a project like this again? 
HD: Yes

LGG: What was the most enjoyable part of the project?
HD: The most enjoyable part was seeing the kids’ reactions when I pulled out lard to show how much fat was in a hamburger. 

LGG: What was the least enjoyable part of this project? 
HD: The training because its location was inconvenient.

LGG: What did you learn from this experience? 
HD: I learned how to teach children better and how to be patient with kids.

LGG: Is this a project you would recommend for other Girl Scouts? 
HD: Yes, most definitely. It’s a really great program, and you can earn service hours!

For her work with the program Helen was honored this fall at the Strong4Life Youth Ambassador Hall of Fame Awards.
To learn more about the Strong4Life program click here.

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