By Lizzie W.

Prom season is here, and amidst the prama (prom drama) is the all-important question of the dress. Color scheme? Style? Cut? Let’s not forget how it fits with the shoes. Besides this, you have to worry about when and where to shop, and if any of your friends are wearing the same dress.

This year, consider a different approach to prom, one that will eliminate all those questions and bring control into your own hands: Sew your prom dress yourself.

For those who already know how to sew, making your prom dress will offer a cool challenge to your usual sewing repertoire, especially if you’re adventurous enough to design the dress yourself. If you don’t know how to sew, craft stores offer sewing classes where you learn to select and use a pattern to make clothing, operate a sewing machine, and improve your overall craft skills.

I can say from personal experience that sewing your own prom dress is very rewarding. Last prom, I was hesitant when my mom suggested that I sew my prom dress. I already knew how to sew, but I had never sewn something so complex. I perused the fabric store’s dress catalogs for a pattern that I liked, and my mom helped me through the steps of making a dress. It was satisfying to watch the dress come together, piece by piece. In the end, I was proud to wear a decidedly unique dress that made my prom special.

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