Written By: Emily B.

Choose a letter for each question. Keep a list. At the end of the quiz the most letters you have will determine which Girl Scout Cookie matches your personality! Remember, this is just for fun!

1: In your free time over the weekend you…                         
 A: Have a conversation with a friend.                                       
B: Get caught up in complicated arts and crafts                         
C: Start sports games with your friends                                   
D: Study for the big test next week                                              
E: Volunteer at an animal shelter. What can I do?                     

2: Your favorite period at school is...
A: Drama, its all better with friends
B: Art, I love being creative.
C: P.E., yes!  I win again!
D: Math, this subject gets my brain to work
E: Lunch, I wonder how my friend's day is going.

3: On vacations I…                                                                                                  
A: Plan a fun party with friends                                                                      
B: Make my own board game and play with friends                          
C: Go to a sports game                                                                                         
D: Go to a new place in the world, I’ll learn more                                
E: I wonder where my best friend is going and can I join?                     

4: Your friends would describe you as...
A: Friendly and funny
B: Creative and complex
C: Athletic and outdoorsy
D: Smart and clever
E: Loyal and nice    

5: QUICK! You’re “It” in the game Tag; you…                         
A: Distract a player with a joke
B: Pretend to tag someone but go for someone else
C:  Just run real fast and tag them
D: Hide and jump out at someone
E: Try not to let anyone get hurt

Mostly A’s: You’re a Dos-Si-Do!!! You are friendly, easy going, and funny! You always know what to say or do when your friend is down. You also love to be social and make lots of friends. And no joke gets old for you! You really know how to have fun. Cool!!!

Mostly B’s: You are a Samoa!!! You are creative and complex. You are not afraid to get involved in the most complex craft project and you know you’ll have fun while doing it. Your friends love whenever you come up with something new. Nice job!!!

Mostly C’s: You are a Tagalong!!! You are athletic, sporty, and outdoorsy! You are usually team captain and out starting new games. You are healthy, fast, strong, but also very modest. You are never one to brag. You’re doing great!!!

Mostly D’s: You are a Thin Mint!!! You’re smart, clever, and are eager to learn more! You are also willing to share your knowledge with everyone around you. Your friends are glad that they can have a great, and study buddy. Awesome job!!!

Mostly E’s: You are a Trefoil!!! Your friends can easily say you are very loyal and nice. You also want to do whatever you can to improve your community and earth. You love to mingle and make sure that every girl at school feels welcome. Way to go!!!

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