By: Kendi K.
2015 Lime Green Giraffe Copy Editor

If every second you lived
was a year whisked away
every minute you breathe
is another you can’t stay
would you open your mouth
using your words to block the pain
would you just let go
letting the years of torture reign

If the world was a clock
would you tick to its beat
would you bury your doubts
close your eyes and leap
would you dare allow yourself
the bittersweet pleasure of sleep
or would you keep your eyes open
in fear of bad dreams

If the rotating earth
decided to stop
would you do everything
you told yourself you would not
would you let your heart go
allowing it to lead the way
or would your mind override
while you slowly fade away

If your emotions were bottled
safely tucked away
would you bring it to your lips
taste the fear it contains
would you sip every bit
despite the sorrow and pain
or let it roll off your fingertips
living through the gray

If you have the chance
to see the unseen
explore the world unknown
take a breath and leap
you should open your eyes
and never even blink
in fear that if you do

You could miss something 


  1. This is truly beautiful (reading in 2017 wth the queen herself Kendi King !)