By: Autumn R.

Trudging onto the house, I set my bag down and closed the door. The house was oddly quiet. Too quiet. I looked through all the rooms, but Mom was nowhere to be seen. After three tries to reach her on her phone, I grabbed my backpack and the emergency pack labeled ‘Bree’, and headed out the door. It was around seven o’clock, so it was pretty dark out. I went into the woods, where I knew there was a big tree that I could sleep in.
 I walked for about an hour looking for the big tree before all trees gave away for a desert. There was a large rock in the distance, so I set my path for it. Everything went fine until a truck pulled up in front of me. “Miss, where do you think you are going? This place is off limits.” The man said, getting out of the truck.
I dug around in my bag until I got my whiteboard, and then wrote # My mother wasn’t at home and she didn’t answer her phone. So I was trying to find the tree that I had slept in before, but I must’ve gotten lost. That’s how I ended up here. # The man read my message and then pulled me into the truck’s passenger side.
“Close your eyes Miss.” I obliged. The truck started and jerked forward, leaving me to barely miss the dashboard. From the passenger seat, I could hear the air flying by. There was a momentary difference and then the truck stopped. “I would get out if I were you.”
I opened my eyes, and would’ve screamed if it weren’t for the fact that I was mute. A large, metallic face was peering through the window. “Another one?” The face asked, disappearing from view. Scrambling from the seat, my leg (injured when I was tripped) gave out beneath me. The ground swayed as I was picked up the robot. “She has sustained injuries to her leg and scratches to her arms.” The robot announced after scrutinizing me. “Where did the injuries come from?” The man, who I would later know as Lennox, asked. I did the tree pose from yoga.
“Tree? As in the woods right here?” Lennox asked. I wrote # I was running through the trees while looking for the big oak I sleep in. # Lennox nodded.
 “But how did you get the leg injury?” The robot asked.
  # Sir, I was tripped at school today. # The robot snorted. “My designation is Ratchet.” Large footsteps could be heard from the hallway then a large blue and red robot came into view. I just stared. “My name is Optimus Prime. We are Autonomous Robotic organisms from the planet Seibertron. Or Autobots for short. I am the leader of the Autobot team.” The robot explained. I continued to stare, in complete and utter awe that I was in the presence of an alien. 

End of Excerpt

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