By: Autumn R.

            People think fangirls are just a bunch of shrill-squealing, annoying little girls. We aren’t. We just have a downright passion for something or someone. Think of that boy band you like. If you went to a concert for that boy band, you would squeal and shout at the fact that you’re there. That makes you a fangirl of that band. See what I mean?
I, personally, am a fangirl of Skydoesminecraft. His YouTube videos are just plain hilarious. You are probably thinking, “What does this have to do with anything?” I was on Minecraft when I got a message from someone. A private message. From Skythekid. (Skydoesminecraft). He was wondering if I wanted to have a talk with him. He and two others. I agreed immediately, then got up and, guess what, jumped up and down squealing. That’s just what fangirls do.

Next time you see someone jumping and squealing over concert tickets or an Instagram post, remember what you feel like when it’s you in that situation. Because you wouldn’t want to be made fun of either, now would you?

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