An Added Scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
By Lillabeth B.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the Harry Potter world, which is trademarked by J. K. Rowling. Both Hermione Granger and Penelope Clearwater are characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling, and we do not claim any ownership over them or the world of Harry Potter.

The story we are telling here about Hermione is our own invention, and it is not purported or believed to be part of J.K. Rowling's story canon. This story is for entertainment only and is not part of the official story line. We are grateful to Ms. Rowling for her wonderful stories about Hogwarts, for without her books, this story would not exist.

         Hermione Granger glanced fitfully around before running to the "Magical Creatures and Monsters" section of the library. Keeping her eyes forcibly glued to the book spines, she searched through them, muttering to herself.
         "Sanders, Sapsmith, Sazaclam... Scamander!" She grabbed Newt Scamander's Dangerous Monsters and How to Avoid Them from the shelf and ran to the table, opening to the table of contents. "Reptilians and Scaly Foes," she murmured, running her finger along the dotted line,"on page 394!"
         Hermione thumbed through the pages, glancing over her shoulder at intervals. Her expression was one of fear and vigilance, worry and sensitivity. She finally stopped flipping the pages and pulled the book closer to her sharp nose and eyes. "Diverse and plentiful are the sleek, scalene, snake-like beasts that haunt the dark crevices of the world... No, no, no!" She flipped still further. "The small, silver, serpentine Skendork, whose gaze forces those in eye contact to fall into a deep, dream filled sleep- No, no... The agile, acrobatic, hypnotizing Horned Blitz, who forces victims to do its bidding... Not that... The great, monstrous, paralyzing...paralyzing! The great, monstrous, paralyzing Basilisk! That causes those in eye contact to drop dead on the spot! Page 405!" Hermione's voice filled the library, echoing off the bookcases and the walls, and out into the hall, causing something lurking in the dark crevice of the bathroom to stir...
         But Hermione, all but oblivious, ripped the corner of the page out the book and flipped once again, stopping and reading once more. "The Basilisk is a horrid and monstrous creature that will kill viciously unless proper protection is instituted... Protection! Direct eye contact with the Basilisk eyes or fangs will cause immediate death, but indirect sight of the creature, such as in a reflection on any reflecting surface, will result in paralyzation--"
         Something stirred behind the bookcase. Hermione whirled around with her wand drawn. "Who's there? Announce yourself! Show yourself!"
         A surprised cry rippled from behind the shelf, and a pale girl with long, dark hair rushed out.
         "Oh, I'm so sorry, Penelope!" Hermione rushed over to her. "It's just you can't be too careful...with all that's going on, you know..."
         "Of course, Hermione, I get it..." Despite Penelope's words, her voice still quivered.
         "Oh, do you have a mirror?"
         "Yes. What for?"
         "Well, I think I know what's been happening to Colin and all the others. I think they've caught sight of a Basilisk in a reflection or through something else. If you look around corners with a mirror, you'll only be paralyzed."
         Penelope was obviously amazed. "Wow, Hermione. How'd you figure it out?"
         "Never mind that. We ought to get out of here, it wasn't safe to come." Hermione ran back to the table where her own bag sat, and withdrew a silver hand mirror. "I'll go first."
         Hermione walked carefully to the nearby door and held out her mirror. The reflection of an empty stone hallway gazed back at her. She looked over her shoulder at Penelope. "All clear!" She walked down the corridor, followed by Penelope.
         "Here, let me do the next one!" Penelope jumped in front of Hermione and placed her back against the wall. She copied Hermione's motions, held out the mirror, and let out a bloodcurdling scream.
         Hermione yelled, "Penelope!" yet she heard no reply but the scraping of scales on cobblestone. Cautiously, she crept toward a paralyzed Penelope and looked into the mirror in her hand, her grip tightening on the scrap of paper she also held.
         Staring back at her was a great, scaly green head, with slits for nostrils and at least eight fangs dripping an oozing yellowish liquid. Its yellow eyes with slits for pupils looked right through Hermione's deep brown ones as she felt a scream slipping from her lips.

            Then, everything went black.

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