By: Emily B.
A pencil in my hand, some feelings to write down, I play a few chords. I start to come up with a melody, verses, a chorus, and a bridge. This is a normal thing to me. I share my emotions about the world and people through music. I write songs
         We all have different gifts. People say my gift is music. That actually took me some time to understand. Song writing just came so easily to me. The first song I ever wrote was about a seagull when I was in second grade. Everyone thought it was so cute. Towards the end of fourth grade I got more serious. I played the guitar at that time and began writing short songs about feelings. A year later I got interested in piano, so I stopped playing guitar and taught myself to play. Writing songs and playing piano have become my favorite hobbies. I don’t ever want to stop making music.
         I write songs that I hope will make a change or make someone feel better or feel like they are not alone. I usually write about the world and people who have hard times, but make it out ok. I write about the future and love, about war and taking care of our earth. They were only for family and friends to hear until I wrote “Fly Away”, then everything changed. A music producer heard my song and wanted to record it! We jumped on the opportunity and soon I was recording my first single.
         It is really cool working in a studio. I love to see all the cool technology in the room. I record each verse and chorus over and over again until we choose the best ones. I enjoy singing into a huge mike. I learned how to lay down the different tracks like vocals, the beat track, harmony, and different instruments. I couldn’t wait to hear the finished recording.
         Finally, it was time. I went into the studio with a butterfly in my stomach. Thoughts started to race into my head like an emotional dam that just broke. What if something happened that made me have to redo the whole entire process? Did I sing too flat? I sat down and braced myself for what was to come. The producer played the song. I found myself humming along and tapping my finger on my seat. It was pretty catchy. Although, it wasn’t really the style of music I heard in my head when I wrote it, we made compromises. I learned a lot from that.
         The thing about gifts is, it’s up to us to figure out how to share them. If you’re an artist then you display your paintings or sculpture in a museum, a writer will publish, and a singer songwriter will record and distribute. The producer showed us step by step how to copyright and distribute “Fly Away” all over the Internet. The photo shoot for the album cover was also cool too. We went to a river and took photos in front of a waterfall. For a moment, I felt like a professional.

         Will I have song writing as a job one day? Probably not, but the gift is still there to help me through hard times and to have fun. Will I keep writing songs? That is a definite yes. If you want to check out what I wrote go the ITunes Store or Just search for Emily Grace: Fly Away or click the Amazon link right here.

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