By: Abijah D.

My favorite thing to do during the summer is to go to Camp All American. It's a camp that helps you grow your Christianity and allows you to have tons of fun like zip lining, swimming in a pool, and playing different sports.  I've been going to Camp All American for five years, and sadly this was my last year as a "student" since I'll be in high school this August. I have loved every minute of my time at camp and wouldn't trade it for anything. 
     There are five camps for kids at CAA.  First, it's Jr. Camp for children ages four-to-six and then its D1 for kids in first-to-second grade. Next is D2 for third and fourth graders.  A new camp called Delta (It wasn't around for me) is for fifth and six grade students. Finally there is O-Zone, where I was. O-Zone is for kids in grades seven and eight.
Each camp has special cheers about Jesus and having spirit.  Each camp tries to show the most spirit and energy for Jesus, with hopes of winning the weekly "spirit stick."  Why wouldn’t you cheer for Jesus? 
One of my favorite activities at camp is to play street hockey.  I get really competitive when I play it, and I have the most fun.  My second favorite is pool time. I like driving in the deep end and playing water polo. My third favorite is zip lining. 
At first it was scary because I had to climb a big net.  I usually pray while I climb it, so I feel a lot better.  When I finally get to the top where I can basically see everything going on in the camp. 
My ultimate favorite, above the first favorite, activity is Bible time.  At Bible time, we sit down with our group and counselor and read verses from the Bible. Members of the group get to talk about things that bother them and how God can help us through our troubles. 
I love Camp All American and everything about it. Camp All American's motto is "Camp All American the place to be. Camp All American is the place for me." Everything about that motto is 100% correct. 

That's my most favorite thing to do during the summer.  I always miss it when it ends for that year. 

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