By Meghan K.

“I am beautiful.”
Three words
So simple
Yet so powerful.

I don’t think
That anyone in our world
Says those words
As much as they should.

We are taught
From when we are young
That believing we are beautiful
Is wrong

That self-love
Is the same as
And arrogance

That we should always
Keep striving
For an ideal
That doesn’t exist.

But as I said before
The ideal we are taught
To always strive for
Doesn’t exist.

But the truth is
Is a myth
An illusion.

But despite how unrealistic
That perfection is
We still strive for it
Because we still believe it is beautiful.

And what does it do to us?
It separates us from each other
And from ourselves.
And it hurts us in so many ways.

Eating disorders
Even bullying can come from the myth.

But if we trust ourselves
If we can believe in ourselves
If we can understand that we are beautiful
We might be able to topple that myth.

So I want you to do something for me.
I want you to get up from this computer
Right now.
Go on.

I want you to look in the mirror
And repeat these three words
To yourself, out loud.
“I am beautiful.”

I know so many people
Will tell you
That everyone
Is beautiful.

I know it’s starting to seem
Like a worn-out t-shirt
Stretched thin
From time and overuse.

But you need to believe it
Because when you do
A little bit of the grey sky
Is chased away.

And we can do great things
As long as we
Can keep believing
In ourselves.

You are beautiful


Three words
So simple
But so powerful
“I am beautiful.”

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