By: Joyce S.
Insecurity. It is the root of so many issues. It can cause one to hide their light, to hesitate about displaying their true colors, and to live in a constant state of worry. All throughout childhood we have been told to be ourselves, but that becomes more difficult later in life. For everyone, insecurity sets in at one point or another and it can break apart a person from the inside. When constantly worrying about what everyone thinks of you, the stress begins to build, tensions begin to rise, and before you know it, the person you once were is shrouded behind a wall constructed of one thing. Insecurity.
            In this modern era, society does not help with the battle against self-esteem issues. In fact worsens it. On T.V., in movies, and in many types of media, we are shown what we should look like and how we should act. The picture of beauty that is captured by the media is used to show us who we should be, thus making us pawns in their marketing strategy. They convince us that if we use a certain shampoo we’ll look just like the model in the ad; but in reality, they are just feeding into our insecurities.
            Those perfect models that the media shows us aren’t really perfect. They use make up, professional stylists, Photoshop, plastic surgery, and so much more to reach that impossible level of perfection. When we see these images, we compare ourselves and ultimately kill our own self-esteem. The media tries to tell us how to be beautiful. They tell us that we need to be fixed. And they have managed to convince us that we are broken.
            We are not broken. We do not need to be fixed by anyone, especially the media whose only concern is making a profit.
If being insecure is exhausting, frightening, and it makes you feel so isolated, is it really worth it? Constantly caring about what everyone thinks of you is draining, unfulfilling, and can pull even the best of us down. Would you rather try to make everyone love you, but be unhappy; or love those who love you for you, and find happiness? The choice is yours.
One of the main keys of battling self-esteem issues is learning to love you! Never say anything about yourself that you would not say to your best friend. If you tell yourself you’re not pretty enough, imagine telling that to your friend. Imagine the immense pain of hearing something so awful from someone so close.
Every time you say, “I wish I was…” you are building up your wall of insecurity. You are making it harder to find yourself… to be yourself… to love yourself.

How do you love yourself if you cannot find the real you under all of the fear? Remember, your beauty is not defined by one person, or even several people. Your beauty cannot be defined by movies, magazines, or by any other form of media. You define your own self-beauty. If you love yourself those around you will naturally love you too. It will take time and effort, but when you do let go of your fear, your confidence will grow and life will be that much more enjoyable.

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