By: Jacqueline Y.

Have you ever dreamed about traveling the world? I have. Have you ever wanted to go to France, Japan, England, Brazil, Canada, or South Africa? Well you can. There are many opportunities for people like you to go travel the world.

Colleges, Universities, and School
Look to see if your school or Colleges/Universities offer study aboard programs.

Exchange Programs

  • AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Youth for Understanding
  • CIEE
  • Experiment in International Living
  • Rotary Youth Exchange
  • Sol Education Abroad
  • Greenhart Travel
  • Making the Most of Your Experience

If you don’t want to do an exchange program you can budget your way to a travel.

Step 1
Figure out when you want to go on your trip.

Step 2
Figure out how much your trip will cost and how much you want to spend on the trip.

Step 3
Calculate how much you want or need to take out of your income or the money you get from somewhere.

Step 4
Now save up.

Step 5
Once you save up all the money you need. Go on your trip!

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