By Joyce S.
We all know that using emojis can only go so far when it comes to expressing yourself. So, what else can you do to make sure you don’t leave your feelings bottled up?

How to deal with STRESS:
1.    Breathe.
Find a way to calm your nerves. Plug in your earbuds and blast your favorite music.
2.    Find the source of the stress. Then, face it.
For example, if you are stressed because of homework, try to make a plan. See Emily B.’s article about time management. 
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3.    Trust yourself.
When life throws everything it has at you, remember this is not the end. If you keep trying, and pushing, you will make it through life’s plans. Imagine each stumble or hardship as the plot line in the movie of your life. Those Disney princesses would never have found their happy ending without some sort of struggle.
4.    Don’t be afraid to share.
Talk to someone you trust. Whether it’s a best friend or a sibling, it’s important to not keep everything to yourself. You never know, you might receive some great advice.
         How to deal with JEALOUSY:
So you found yourself glaring at the girl flirting with your crush, or you are hiding your frustration that your friend got an A on that test without studying. “It should’ve been me.” you hear faintly in the back of your brain. Jealousy seems to crawl its way into many situations where it has no business. Before you engage in any sabotage or revenge schemes, take a step back, and think.
·      Why am I jealous?
·      Is the person who I’m jealous of purposefully hurting me?
·      Will confronting the person help?
           The last thing you want to do is lose a friend over something as annoying as jealously. Avoid passing blame to someone else, and make sure your insecurity isn’t stopping you from thinking clearly.
How to deal with Sadness:
Sadness is the worst and most difficult feeling to tackle. Even if you’ve only felt it for a day, or for months, it’s not fun dragging the heavy weight of sadness behind you. Although these tips will not completely get rid of your blue mood, they will hopefully ease the pain.
1.    Cry. Not all the time, but you need a release.
2.    Distract yourself. Indulge yourself in your favorite hobby, or binge- watch that new show on Netflix.
3.    Spend time with friends and family.
4.    Laugh! Laughter is truly the best medicine. Find someone who you know can lift your spirits.
5.    Give yourself an ego boost. I challenge you to write five things you like about yourself physically, and five things you like about your personality. If you can’t think of enough, you just aren’t looking hard enough.
Now, if you find that you are experiencing sadness that won’t go away for a long time then you need to talk with a grown-up this could be a sign of depression.
I believe emotions are our brain’s messed up way of telling us something if is wrong, listen to your body and never let your emotions control you.

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