By: Joyce S.

So You’ve Caught the Feels...

Heart melting smile, dazzling eyes and a heart of gold; who just popped into your mind? It sounds like you have been struck by the Love Bug.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell! It’s our little secret. But, now that we’re on the topic of crushes, what’s your plan? Will you express your feelings or wait until your crush makes the first move? Oh, calm down, I can hear your heart beating from here! I’ll help you get your heart straightened out.

        Personality comes first! When choosing a crush, there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking how they look. But, please don’t fall victim to the “Looks-Make-You-Good-Person” thought. Even their face makes you melt inside, don’t get attached just yet!

        What do you look for in a crush? Someone funny? Someone creative? Make sure you know what you like so you don’t end up with feelings for the wrong person.

        Crushes aren’t everything! No matter how nice or awesome they are, remember that they are human, just like you. Although I’m sure your crush is amazing make sure to stay true to yourself. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in bubbly fun of a crush but make sure you have a support system just in case it comes crumbling down. Heartbreak hurts, and make sure you can always pick up the pieces.

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