By: Eyana R.

      Do you have a favorite YouTube personality that you just love to watch whenever you get the chance? Did you know that when you view their videos, they’re earning money? Companies are willing to pay YouTube creators a lot of cash to have them promote their products. This depends on the YouTube creator’s audience and objective, of course. Let’s say that someone got around 100,000 views, a company will give approximately $10,000.
      Ever heard of PewDiePie? This comedian makes an estimate of $12.7 million, recording videos that get approximately 4 million views PewDiePie is actually the number one most subscribed channel on YouTube with 44,090,040 subscribers! His videos consist of gaming, reacts and just regular vlogs.
      The YouTube channel Smosh, who has 12,745,646 subscribers. This channel consists of two individuals: Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. Smosh does not specialize in a specific niche they just do whatever. Anthony and Ian earn about $10.5 million and each video receives 1 to 3 million views
      Markiplier is yet another gamer whose channel doesn’t focus on a specific genre. It’s Markiplier’s personality that makes him stand out above others gamers. This channel makes 7.1 million and receives roughly 1 to 2 million views on some videos. I think Markiplier is another one of the most enjoyable channels. 

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