By: Abigail M.

I know you have always wanted a cool Egyptian headdress. Well, here’s how you can make one with your own flair!

Materials: Aluminum foil, cardboard, string

1.    Find a way to measure the size of your head where you want the headdress to be
2.    Cut out a piece of cardboard that is 1 or 2 inches tall and the circumference of your head
3.    Wrap the cardboard in aluminum foil. We will call this foil 1.
4.    Roll another piece of foil the same way but without the cardboard, this is will be foil 2.
5.    Fold foil 2 in half perpendicular to foil 1.
6.    Fold top of foil 2 so it makes a curve like an upside down J.
7.    Fold foil1 so it curves like a sideways C.
8.    Punch holes on the ends of foil 1.
9.    Tie string in the holes, then tie the separate strings together to fit your head like a hippie headband with foil 2 sticking up.
10. Shape foil 2 to look more like a snake.

11. Decorate and enjoy!

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