By: Autumn R.

I opened my eyes. The last thing I remembered seeing was the energy. Now, all I saw was sunlight streaming through tree leaves. 'Where am I now?'
Leaves cracked and crunched under a heavy training boot. Flower petals curled and crinkled as frost chilled them to their cores. Leaves swayed and danced around a sky-bound figure. Dusty and Glacier appeared in my unchanged, upward view, but they were accompanied by a third figure that I didn't know.
"How ya feelin', Sparky?" The third figure asked. "Ya almost bought it, ya did. I had ta shoot tha blast with m'own fiyaball." Her accent was rough, but classifiable as country.
"U-uh-" My voice gave an undignified crack, and I cleared my throat. "I'm feeling okay. Thirsty though. Where's the creek?" Glacier and the strange girl looked at each other then the taller kneeled down to me.
"Th'r isn't a creek fer 'bout a miles, Sparky. How'd'you hear tha'?"
Leaves crackled under our feet as Geeli, our new campainion, and I headed for the river, following only my sense of hearing. I was still surprised I was the only one who could hear the water. It sounded like it was right beside us, and now that we were walking towards it, it was getting louder. "Geeli, how am I the only one who heard the water?" I asked.
"I dunno, Sparky. Ask yerself that one, hun." The rest of the hike was silent. The river was a large one, stretching across pretty far, maybe 50 to 75 feet.
"Woah. Geeli, look at this!" I cried, watching the water rush by in horrified fascination.
"Yes. A riv'r. Ern't Sparks 'fraid of 'em?" Geeli asked, looking at me concerned.
"Oh, believe me. I am."
Once the others heard of the river, we moved our camp closer to the water. Moving camp put us close to a water source and gave us a sense of direction, since all rivers flowed south.
Dusty took a nap against a tree, while Glacier walked across the water to make an ice bridge in case we have to bolt. A storm was steadily moving southeast. Glacier swore it was following us because of me.
She's crazy. It wasn't following because of me, was it?If it was, it was a mystery.  Dusty said it was stupid, that I needed to get that idea out of my head quick. Who knew the shy kid of my initiation would end up being our rock?
"Glacier was raised to ignore Sparks. She was taught to think that all Sparks do is burn things." He explained, as the campfire next to us reached higher than it ever had before. That night, I tossed in my sleep and stared at the side of my makeshift tent. Glacier in the tent but sleeping in a hammock made of ice crystals. Yep, kinda cool.
I couldn’t sleep so I got up and walked outside, looking up at her peaceful sleeping form. "Glacier!" I whisper-yelled. She started, falling out and onto the dirt. Her hammock collapsed into water left her drenched. "What do you want, Spark?!" She hissed.
"Why do you hate me so much?"

What does Glacier say? Will the group survive the “following” storm? And what’s up with Geeli? Guess, what the answers to these questions are up to you, our wonderful readers, because we are hosting an end-of-story contest that allows you to finish Autumn’s story!

Here are the steps:
1) Read the entire story first! We can't have a wayward ending that doesn't fit the story.
2) Put your name, Girl Scout rank, and troop number at the beginning of your ending!
Ex. Betty J., Junior, Troop 123
3) Don't stress over the story! Have fun! And when it's done, email your part 4 to and then check out on September 16 to see all of the awesome endings! 

Submissions are accepted until September 6 and no later!

Have fun, go wild, and if you love writing stories, join the 2017 Lime Green Giraffe staff. You can find the applications here.

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