Collected by: Lime Green Giraffe Event Director, Edie W.

1. Helping Others

We look around at the world and see those who facing struggles, but as a girl it is challenging to make a difference on our own. As a team of like-minded girls and adults working with us, in Girl Scouts, we are able to make a true impact on our communities and help those in need.

2. Connecting
From making friends in troops to meeting new girls while traveling, Girl Scouts gives us a safe space to connect with a wide variety of people.

3. Disconnecting
In a world where we are constantly bombarded by the media and technology, Girl Scouts gives us the opportunity to disconnect and to build relationships with each other and the world around us.

4. Getting Outdoors
Through Girl Scouts, we are encouraged to get outdoors and get dirty. As young people in this modern world, so much of our learning and activities take place indoors. Girl Scouting gets us out of the house and into nature, where we learn, connect and gain important life skills.

5. Trying New Things
From new foods to new activities, Girl Scouts gives us a space to be daring and try new things.

6. Trying New Places
Many troops use the tools provided by Girl Scouts to travel to new places. Whether it’s a new state park or a foreign country, the skills we learn in scouting enable us to plan, raise money, and build a foundation for amazing travel experiences.

7. Building Financial Savvy
Girl Scout Cookies is the largest girl-led business in the world. We learn goal setting, budgeting, marketing, customer relations, merchandising, and much more through the Girl Scout Cookie program. Being connected with a global brand and being completely involved in the process of selling the products gives us the tools to understand business and finances.

8. Being Part of a Sisterhood
Girl Scouts gives us the opportunity to make new friends (and keep the old), but it’s so much more than that! We are part of a global organization that has been around for over a century. There is something truly special about being part of a sisterhood that spans the years and the globe.

9. Connecting with Adults
Girl Scouts gives us the opportunity to spend time with adults who model leadership, kindness, and patience. Access to those role models is so important for us. (And some of us are lucky enough to have those role models be our moms! J) Building relationships with adults helps us learn how to relate to our parents’ generation, and to effectively communicate with adults in every situation.

10. Being the Best Me

Girl Scouts gives us the tools we need to shine. Whether it’s being a leader, working as a team, or just having the confidence to try something new, we’re prepared to make it happen with COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, and CHARACTER. I know, when I use the skills, I’ve built though Girl Scouts, I’m able to truly be the best that I can be.

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