By: Guest Writer, Zoe L.
Troop 1360

            “Sparky, I don't hate you. It's just that we're complete opposites. You know, fire and ice? They just don't mix.” I understood what she was saying, but it still seemed like she was using our gifts as reasons to dislike me.
             “You know the saying 'opposites attract'? Maybe you should adopt that as your philosophy instead,” I retorted and left to go walk around the camp some more, leaving Glacier to ponder my subtle words of wisdom. I really wish she could put her differences aside for the sake of everyone else here, but she's stubborn as a mule. Sometimes I think she really only cares about herself. Maybe she just needs some time to be alone.
            It was still dark outside even though I knew it should have been morning. Then I realized that the storm must be closer to us than I thought it was! I quickly made it back to others to warn them.
            “EVERONE GET UP! THE STORM IS RIGHT OVER US!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Dusty, Glacier, and Geeli jolted from their sleep and looked up in the sky to see the massive black cloud over our heads. Then, a huge crack of thunder boomed throughout the area and a bolt of lightning struck the ground right in front of us. That's when we all started running. Well, we were more like sprinting.
            We ran and ran from the following cloud, as fast as we could. I was in front of everyone else, with Geeli lagging behind. I kept running until I heard a soft thud from behind. I looked back and saw that Geeli had tripped on a large root sticking up from the ground and had badly injured her ankle. I went to her and she started to cry.
            “This be all my fault, I reckon,” she said in between sniffles.
            “Why do you say that?” I asked, genuinely confused. “I'm the one the cloud is following. It's after me.” I was about to ask why but she took in a deep breath and continued. “The storm be evil. It been causin' quite a ruckus in my hometown, blowin' 'way houses, floodin' crops, you name it. Then one day it done decided it wanted ta get rid of all the people, so it made a huge tornado and done sucked up e'erone in sight. E'erone except me. I thought I got away scott free and found y'all to protect me, but I reckon it been followin' us for a mighty long time and now we're all gonna be sucked up by the storm! I'm so sorry!” she finished and started sobbing.
            I didn't know what to think. This evil storm is even scarier than I thought.
            “Well, there's only one thing to blame in all of this and that's the storm. We're going to stop it, no matter what it takes!” I didn't know how we were going to do it, but what was important was getting everybody to safety. We can figure out how to defeat storm later.
            “But we're going to need everyone's help and we can't do it with you being injured. Come on,” I said to Geeli as I put her on my back and ran to catch up with Dusty and Glacier.
            I know there's a way to get rid of this storm, but does that way have to include Glacier and me on the same team?

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