By: Mimi M.

Dear Diary,
OK, so maybe I overstated when I wrote that I was well rested. It turns out, that I had not slept at all, so I might've, just maybe…umm…collapsed from exhaustion on the ground. And, I might not have woken up until it was dark. I mean, who cares that I wasted the entire day sleeping when I could've been finding my parents? And that I now I have to wait until tomorrow before I can find my parents because I don't want to search an old, possibly haunted castle in the dark. You know what? No. I don't care about the dark. I am going to find my parents, dark or no dark. So you know what? I'm walking right in there, and I'm going to start looking around. 
Ok, it was really creepy in there. Umm, ok, weird tapestries to the left, door to the right. Right or left? Door or tapestries? Tapestries. OK, call me a 'fraidy pants, but for all I knew, there could've be a secret passageway there. Or not. Behind that tapestry was a wall, a dry, crumbling wall. I found the same behind the next tapestry, and the next, and the next, but not the next one.
Behind the tapestry with the unicorn killing a soldier, there was a slide or a ramp, or a weird, slanted hallway. Whatever it was, I took it to wherever it led. Random place in a castle, here I come or something like that!
(Mental note to self: Don't slide down ramps that have brick walls at the end. They hurt. A lot. Like, huge knot on your forehead a lot.)
 So the tapestries were a dead end or more like a brick end, so time to try the door.  And, maybe I should've tried the door first, because I found a hallway that led to a room. The room had tons of maps, and now, I might've taken most of them, and put them in my bag. Well, all of them except for the…. MAP OF THE CASTLE!!!!!!!! Now, I know the possibility of finding the exact Globe location on the map wasn’t very likely but at least the castle map could help me locate the dead ends, so I don't bonk my head.
So first, I planned to search the room of "Pie Charts," whatever those were. Maybe they show you what types of pies are most popular? Anyway, it'll be fun, right?
Boy, it was creepy. I mean, there were pictures of circles cut up into different colored pieces. Talk about weird. Well, no world Globe there. Maybe the "Room of old, dusty things that no one uses" would have what I was looking for?
And, OMG!!!!! I FOUND IT! At least I thought I did. I mean, it’s a globe, with weird words on the bottom, and for some reason, a touch screen on the side. Hopefully, the touch screen is a directory where I can look people up.
Any ways, tomorrow, I'll test it out and find my parents. Right now, I'm sleeping because, between you and me, I don't want to collapse again. Frankly, it was embarrassing. Fortunately, there was no one around to see it because I'm in a freaking barren wasteland!


Riley Johnson

Did Riley find the real World Globe? Find out on October 21 in part 3 of Dear Diary.

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