By: Mimi M.

Dear Diary,
It's hard to believe that I found the World Globe and that I am on my way to find my parents. This morning, I used the touch screen to locate my parents. They are in Sydney, Australia. So, I'm off to Sydney.
Thanks to my handy-dandy maps, I know how to get there. But, I have to fly. My magic carpet is broken so, I need to take an airplane and I need money. Hopefully, $50 is enough to get me a trip to Sydney.  The closest airport to catch a plane to Australia is, unfortunately, 100-miles away. And without a magic carpet, that means I have to walk to the airport. So this is going to take awhile.
Walking is hard. Like, super hard. Like, I-walked-the-entire-day-and-only-went-about-20-miles hard. Now that I only have 80 miles left, I should be on a flight to Sydney in three days.
More walking tomorrow, I need to make a shelter. Unfortunately, there aren’t any caves around here, so I slept under the stars. Well, it wasn’t that bad, no rain.
Aaah. Everything feels much better after food and a full night's rest. All right food was more like a raw lizard (I ran out of food. And there are no stores around here, because even after walking 20 miles, I am still in a BARREN WASTELAND!) And I had about five hours of sleep (if you can call it that). But, ya know, whatever. Guess I have to start walking now. Yay.
I think I'm close now. If it was light outside and I could, ya know, see, I would be able to see the airport. I know I could walk to it in like, 30 minutes. But it's getting dark, so I'm going to sleep.
Turns out, I was right. What I wrote last night was true, after walking for, like, 25 minutes, I saw the airport. It would be hard to miss it. Sure, it's dirty, and grimy, and smelly, but it has electricity. And, more importantly, a way to my parents!!! 
            Right now, I'm about to get my ticket. Unfortunately, the only place to get a ticket is staffed by… NO ONE!! So, guess it's time to sit back, and sleep.
Well, after a few hours of sleep, there finally was someone at the ticket booth. So I bought my ticket. Unfortunately, I only had enough money to buy a one way, third class ticket to Sydney. Hopefully, my parents have a nice home, and can take care of me, because I am out of money and have no way of getting back home.
I am on the plane. Time for sleep..
Riley Johnson

Will Riley reunite with her parents? Find out next week in the final installment of Dear Diary.

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