By: Joyce S.

Feminism: The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men.
I am not entirely sure that I am a feminist.
This may sound strange coming from a girl on a Girl Scout website that is written “by girls, for girls”, but that is how I feel. I do not think that feminism is a bad thing, but I do often question the true purpose of excessive feminism in 21st Century America.
In modern America, how necessary is feminism? Sexism still definitely exists but I don’t believe it is at the volume that calls for such large movements of feminism. I feel like feminism is often used as a crutch; an easy way to play the victim. It is easy to blame things

on sexism. If something does not go your way, just say it is sexist and no one can argue with you. If they do, they are deemed sexist by the rest of society. I believe, in our current society, feminism has lost some of its purpose. 
America is so close to an egalitarian society that we can almost taste it. So why do some feminists still scold us every chance they get. Feminists fight the wrong battles in my opinion. There are so many countries where women have no rights, much less the rights we have here in America. Feminists should focus their undeniable power in places that desperately need help to fight sexism, instead of just sending out their message of equality in already equal places and acting like all men are doing something wrong. Men are not all doing something wrong obviously, because I believe women in America have the same rights that men have. The only difference between men and women are now only visual within society.
Women are strong, smart, brave, fierce, kind, resilient, and can’t be held down, and men are no longer stopping them from being any of these things. I believe women should be confident, because you are a woman. No one is stopping you from believing these things any longer. You can get to the top. You can get there as a feminist, but you can also get there on your own.  Go help the others; the others who have no voice, and leave me alone to fight my own battles against the remaining bits of sexism in this country.
Not everything is sexist, not every everything is battle against men. I am not a victim, I have rights, and I am equal. Yes, there are quite a few mistakes America needs to fix, but we are almost there. Just realize that you can believe in equal rights for all genders and be anything you want, regardless of gender, without being a feminist, but by just being human.
Now, I also believe that not all feminists are bad, not in the slightest!  I am okay with feminists, but I will agree to disagree with some feminist stances. I will always support the women in America who still feel the strain of sexism. But I support the fair-mined men too, and I do not feel like I need feminism to accomplish things.
I believe that all people are equal. But, I feel that feminism is unclear about whether or not it completely encompasses this belief and I will keep searching until I find a label, that society so desperately wants, that fits this belief.

Joyce S.

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