By: Eyana R.
Have you ever had that one or maybe two friends that all of the sudden started acting what people call “fake?” These friends weren’t fake when you first met them but now they’re disrespectful and arrogant.
It’s a shame but change is a part of our youth. You might have changed too. Actually most people never realize they have changed until someone tells them what was happening. If you have a friend that starts to hang out with someone new and the new person is a bad influence, your friend might change without even noticing.
 As you get older, you and your friend’s interests, beliefs and attitude change. Some times the changes are good or bad. As we all know, socializing with certain people isn’t always the reason for a friend to change her attitude. Your friend might have something going on in their life that’s affecting them, so to be a good friend, you probably should take this into consideration.

So how do you react when your friends change? Try to be understanding and talk to them. Ask them if everything is okay or if anything is bothering them. You can try to comfort them instead of judging. I believe your reaction should be to be a friend.

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