Dragon Con is a great 4-day event held yearly in Atlanta Georgia. This year was my first year going and it was amazing. I would recommend this event to anyone, but there are somethings you should know about Dragon Con first.

    First of all, you must prepare. A smart idea is to plan a schedule because it’s just like Disney,  if you don’t have a schedule you will just be wandering around and miss a lot of cool things. To start planning a schedule you should go onto dragoncon.org or by downloading the Dragon Con app. I downloaded the app and found it very useful in and around Dragon Con.  There are many things to take into consideration while planning a schedule such as what panels are there, what time and building they are in.  Also, you should check out which actors are there and when they will be available for pictures and autographs.

    Second of all, you can dress up as any character but this is optional and not everybody does. I dressed up and so many people noticed me and asked to take my picture and pictures with me.  A few ideas on the best costumes are popular superheroes and villains from DC Comics and Marvel, another idea would be characters from video games and movies.  There are tons more options you can choose from. To make a costume you need the basic essentials - thread, dress/shirt, hot glue, etc. depending on what costume. There is also a costume contest to show off your amazing costume creations. I recommend making your own costume instead of wearing a store bought costume.  There are so many wonderful costumes on display at Dragon Con.  On Saturday at Dragon Con is the parade. You don’t have to be register with a ticket to attend the parade.  At the parade you will see the most unique costumes.

    Next, you need to buy tickets. Tickets are used to get you into all of the panels, tracks, stores, and more. You can either buy tickets there or online ahead of time. When you have pre-paid for your ticket online, you are given a badge which is used to get into places and activities. Tracks and panels are when there is a speakers or someone doing something and you go watch and ask questions.

    You should also be aware that there are five different hotels that are part of Dragon Con. There are many things to do and buy in these hotels. There is also a vendor area which has many shops where you can buy anything from homemade items to mystery boxes. There will also be actors and actresses there so you can pay for an autograph and picture. There are some amazing events/ panels/tracks like how to make costumes, how to do make-up, and much more.

   This has been another Adventures with Ali”. Not only was this my first time to attend Dragon Con, but it was also the 30th anniversary of Dragon Con in Georgia.  I hope you will consider going next year, and have an awesome time.

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