By: Hannah L.

     Ready or not here it comes! School is often dreaded, but there are a couple simple hacks that can make school more enjoyable. Having a good morning routine to having an organized locker can make all the difference, so here are some life hacks for school:

1. Keep your locker clean. Keeping your locker clean and organized can be quite the task. Loose paper, pencils, and markers can make you're locker look even more messy than it actually is, so just grab a couple mason jars. You can organize your locker by having a mason jar for everything to go in. You can even decorate them to spruce up your locker even more.


2. Organize for classes. Keeping track of binders for class can be a bit tough when you're always on the move. Keeping your binders color coded could be the key to getting to class on time. Keeping your binders color coded can keep you organized for every class. Start with red, for your first class have a red binder and red note book. For your second class have an orange binder and notebook, and so on and so forth. It’ll make you more organized than ever.

3. Notes. We all have to take notes - most of us hate it but we do it. Make it fun for yourself to study your notes. Color code them doodle a picture of what you're talking about in class. Make it more fun to take notes in general. This also makes the thing you’re studying stay in your brain.
4. Make a routine. Having things to make staying organized  easy is good, but if you don’t have enough rest, than that can create some problems. You can never be your best self if you don’t get enough sleep, so make a routine. Start you're schedule as soon as you wake up. Make sure you have breakfast, and that you brush your teeth. Go to school come home, get a snack, do homework, but make sure you give yourself free time. Lastly, set a reasonable bed time making sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep. This could make all the difference in your day.

5.Lunch. It is the main meal that you eat at school. Buying soda and a candy bar from the vending machine won’t keep your body happy throughout the day, so start packing a lunch. Make a list of all of your favorite foods in these categories: main course, fruit or veggie, drink, snack, treat. Pick at least one thing from four categories. Having a good lunch will do wonders for not only your body but also for your mind.

School can be stressful, but staying organized can ease some of the stress.

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