By: Abigail M.

I open my eyes to find myself slowly moving down a line. Looking around, I find many bored looking people standing far off to my sides. Without warning, many others like me are all around me. I can tell we are all confused since I hear screams of “Who are you,” as well as “What are you doing here.” The people to the sides still have bored expressions as the others before them did.
In that instant, I was pushed into a holding, crushed under so many others who look the same as I do. For a minute or two, everyone is shouting confusedly but quickly quiet down as they see the people to the side pay them no attention. That only applies to the ones who can see. My vision along with many others is filled with our newly joined brothers sharing the same face.
After waiting a few days, besides the occasional conversation with a neighbor on whether or not we will ever get out, nothing much happens until the structure containing us is opened and we fell onto an cold, hard counter. Then, one by one we are dragged to a machine that injects us with god knows what. I see my friends try to get away but are tied down. Before I know it, it’s my turn and I feel myself getting lightheaded and start to feel a lot bigger. I try to escape, but like those before me I am quickly bound to something.
Me and about four others are moved, taken to what one of us overhears is called a park. All of us are tethered to something by our bindings and soon, a celebration takes place. It seems to be a coming of age ceremony, though I don’t see what’s so special about the number five. Small people run around laughing, eating, singing, and other activities, while the larger people converse among themselves. I feel a sort of joy radiating off of all the people and it makes me happy. When it appears to be over, me and my brethren are untied and abducted, all by different captors, although no one seems to protest too much.
I am taken by the smallest person there, along with two bigger people. The big ones appear to disagree over something while the small one is blabbering away to anything that doesn’t object. When we reach our destination, the small one is sent to their room as the obvious tension between the big ones rise. Their voices get loud enough so I can hear clearly what they say from my place near the little one. The voices keep getting louder, filled with only accusations and denials. The small one starts sobbing because of the screaming outside their door. I hear a crash, like the sound of glass being thrown and shattered.
After that, a deafening silence drowns me as I see the small one cry harder into the objects they talked to on the trip here. When their tears run out they fall asleep and later wake up again.
Once everyone is roused, they start to eat and talk about me as if I weren’t right there beside them. They try to convince the little one to set me free so they wouldn’t hurt me unintentionally. After some persuasion, the small one agrees. They untie me from where I am and let me leave outside.
I lazily follow the wind, not knowing where it will take me, not really caring where I end up. That’s how I spend the rest of my days, fumbling along a nonexistent path.

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