By: Kara S.
Winter is by far one of my most favorite times of the year; the cool weather, gorgeous scenery, and wonderful holidays are what make this season so fantastic. Because winter is so beautiful, theres no wondering why so many people love it so much and have special traditions to show their love for winter.
Some of my favorite traditions of winter are my snow rituals. I absolutely love the snow! If theres even the slightest chance of snow, I will flush ice down the toilet, wear my pajamas backwards, and do my snow dance in attempt to bring beautiful snowflakes falling to the ground. I just love the way the light reflects off the snow. I could sit and watch the snow fall for hours.
Plus, snow brings my neighborhood together. All of the kids spend all day and into the night sledding down the street, building snowmen in everyones front yards, and having snowball fights. We make loads and loads of hot chocolate to enjoy while trying to warm ourselves up fast enough to get back outside before the snow melted.
Winter is also the perfect time for sitting inside when theres not any snow. This is the time of year that I am able to sit in a big chair and read a good book. I can also watch all of my favorite movies again and again from the comfort and warmth of my blankets and couch.
While watching my movies, I also tend to start baking. Winter is, in my opinion, the best time for cooking and baking. Since its sometimes too cold to go outside, I find myself stuck inside, which leads me to the kitchen. My favorite wintertime recipes are cookies of all kinds, anything with chocolate, and basically any dessert in general. All the time I spend inside lets me experiment with recipes, which has led to some awesome food that I had never made before.
Painting is also something I do a lot during winter. My favorite things to paint are quotes, especially Disney quotes and inspirational quotes. At the beginning of winter, I always stock up on canvases and paint so that if there is ever a day I cant leave my house, I am still able to spend the day painting away.
Another one of my favorite parts of winter is the fashion. Since its so cold, it gives me a chance to wear the cute sweaters and jeans that are too hot to wear during the summer. I love being able to wear oversized sweaters because I can easily pull the sleeves over my hands and be super duper comfortable, no matter where I am. I have by far more adorable outfits for winter than summer, and I count down the days until I can wear long sleeves, sweatshirts, and jeans.
Winter is truly the most wonderful time of the year. I love everything about this season, from the weather to the activities. Im so glad winter is finally upon us, and I hope this year brings me all of the joy I get every other year.

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