By: Mimi M.

Who doesn't love duct tape? It's cute, stylish, and you can use it to personalize almost anything! These are five easy duct tape DIYs.
  1. Duct Tape Bookmarks: Just tape some cute duct tape to a paper clip and cut it into any shape you like! 
  2. Duct Tape Wallet: This is a cute way to hold your money. Take an envelope, and cover it with duct tape except for an opening at the top. If you want to go fancy, cover some pieces of paper with duct tape and tape them onto the envelope for pockets to put change in. Decorate it however you like!
  3. Duct Tape Hair Clip: You can make an easy duct tape bow by folding a piece of duct tape in half so there is no stickiness, then scrunch it up in the middle and tape it together. Tape that bow to a hair clip, and Voila--a little bow for your hair!
  4. Duct Tape Tassels: These cute little tassels work great as bag/backpack decorations. Take 2 different colors of duct tape, and cut 1 piece from each. Try to make them the same size. Tape them together, but leave a little bit of tape hanging over on each side. Fold one of the little pieces of stickiness over, so there is only one little bit that is sticky. Then, cut a fringe that goes from the bottom to almost at the sticky part. Then, roll it up and pinch the top part together. Poof! A tassel. To attach it to something, fold a smaller piece of duct tape in half so there is no stickiness, and fold it over the top of the tassel. Tape it in place so you have a little duct tape loop.
  5. Duct Tape Journal: Tape over a notebook from the store, or tape together some sheets of paper.

These are some cute duct tape DIYs for you to do. Good luck, and happy duct taping!

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