By: Julia H.

Did you know that the three places where girls spend the most time together is school, someone's house, and online? Also, more friends call or text each other daily than talk face to face. Sometimes, we get so caught up social media and online forms of communication that it is hard to find fun things to do in real life.  You do not need a fortune and you don't always need a car to find fun and creative things to do with your friends. 

First of all, there are many fun things to do outside and many of them can be done in your own neighborhood or backyard – literally! 

1.  Although some people might think scavenger hunts are for little kids, there are many ways to have fun scavenger hunts including apps and printouts that are easy, fun, and get a lot of exercise! 

2.  Take a hike in a place you and your friends have never been and don't read a map. (Have one in a backpack of course and don't go off the trail, but just start hiking the trail and see where it takes you!)

3.  Exchange sports talents with your friends! If one of you plays softball and one of you plays volleyball, spend an hour each teaching the other person the basics of your sport. 

4.  Go on a run or bike ride! Even if you aren't a runner or cyclist, you can still have fun talking with your friends and enjoying the fresh air while getting some exercise. 

5.  Go to the park! You can walk, sit and talk, take pictures of each other, go to a playground (even if you aren't a little kid), or do anything you would have normally done inside – outside! 

There are also many fun things you can do out and about your city that don't require much or any money! 

1.  Watch an old movie that neither of you have ever heard of before. If you have Netflix or any other movie viewing subscription, it will be easy and free to find something!

2.  Go to a shoe store and try on heels and other shoes. As long as you don't make a mess, this is a fun, easy, and free thing to do. 

3.  Go to a cafĂ© with a friend and order something for each other or offer to pay for the person behind you and start a chain of kindness. 

4.  Go to a farmers market and try all the free samples. 

5.  Make a meal with only things you already have in your house. This is a fun thing to do with or without friends!

There are also many things to that require a little more money, but are totally worth it! These are things that will cost you some money, but still won't break your bank!

1.  Go to a thrift store or consignment store and try to put together an outfit in 20 minutes for less than $20. 

2.  Go rock climbing at a rock climbing gym! This is a fun thing that everyone can do, and you get some exercise from it!

3.  Go on a ghost tour! Most cities have a scary “history” and it’s a fun and exciting thing to do with friends!

4.  Find a photographer who will take pictures of you and your friends (many teens like taking pictures and will do a photo shoot at an affordable price)

5.  Explore different types of cuisines! You can try foods from different cultures or you can pick a theme for the day, such as eating at different Southern restaurants. 

Although many places close at night, there are still many things to do when the sun goes down. There are fun activities to do when the stars come out. 

1.  Go stargazing! If you live in an area with lots of lights (which you probably do), you can drive for a little while to a place where there aren't as many lights and you can see the stars. 

2.  If you want to stay inside your own backyard, bring out a tent and sleep outside! This is a good thing for the fall and spring when it is a comfortable temperature. If you have a hammock or an Eno, you can also sleep in that!

3.  Play flashlight tag, manhunt, or hide and seek in the dark. This is a great activity for when you have a group of people. 

4.  Go to bed early and wake up early! You can watch the sunrise, go to a restaurant that opens early, or do anything you want!

5.  Have some friends over and host your own version of Cupcake Wars! You can make cupcakes with any ingredients, or even challenge yourselves to make cupcakes with a certain theme.

There are many fun things to do with your friends that aren't the same old thing, and if you find things that are creative, inexpensive, and fun, you will be sure to always have fun!

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