By: Emma B.

As the roses bloom in the spring I hear myself singing
Singing the sweetness of lilacs in May
The swiftness of the lilies across the water has me ever ringing
Ringing the bells of unity over poppy fields as the morning turns into the dawn
For flowers give me hope when misery comes my way
As the daunting heat of the summer winds comb endlessly through my gentle hair
The cherry blossoms fall into a river of joy as the Earth becomes the graceful swan
The same swan that turns a frozen night into a gorgeous day
The flowers that often bloom in spring are often ones that make hearts sing
For this beautiful yet so simple thing
Matches the beauty of friendship in every given way
Something so simple yet so oddly profound
Is sometimes the only thing that makes human proud to make verbal sound
Even the deepest seas have sun in the water that can put you in a haze
However as the haze begins the water only rises higher
The cherry petals, roses and lilacs all sing together in a whirlpool of emotion
This emotion only reaches higher and higher as the sun climbs further and further
Then the profoundness only grows until it has a spirit that can melt the cold snow
Suddenly the emotion spreads throughout the land as every petal lands
And as the petals land they become the sands of the day
Suddenly the wars of man are forgotten as this sea of petals breaks through the day
And this great showing of beauty is why graceful flowers
Always unite hand in hand in the summer rains of May

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