by Emery R.

They always try to warn you
About taking care of your heart
By now, I have loads of material
Just give me a prompt with which to start

Tips and tricks” you say!
I’m in a rhyming mood today
But anyways, let’s start this game,
I’ve got loads of things to share and name

A signal bounced clear across me
Had some common sense advice
It told me I should be physically active
Exercise is always nice

A woman’s open window
Carried the sound from her tv
Of a man saying to watch your cholesterol
Lest it clog those arteries

But despite these warnings and more
Those officials could’ve cared less about me
Letting things go from bad to worse
Till they blew up for all to see

The government just couldn’t be bothered
To check up on my cardiovascular system
My pulsing downtown heart was fine
–the arteries were where I really needed some assistance

But they let my roads go
They let them clog
With cars and tree branches
And smoke and fog

And little did they know
That for years and years and years
A high-density plastic conduit was stored
Under this gap in I-85–right here!

They set me up for combustion
The flick of a burning match became my doom
And so one of my arteries ruptured
With a catastrophic KABOOM!

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