By: Lime Green Giraffe Service Director, Sydnie C.       
(Photo Credit: CNN)
Building girls of COURAGE, CONFIDENCE and CHARACTER is the mainstay of the Girl Scout organization and the powerful actions of Czech Scout, Lucie Myslikova can attest to this. Student, Myslikova, was one of many dissenting voices present at a neo-Nazi rally held in the Czech city of Brno on May 4, 2017. She and others gathered to form a counter-movement against the xenophobic sentiments being expressed at the rally. According to the World Organization of the Scout’s Movement, Myslikova and other Scouts were protesting the march to “ their support for values of diversity, peace, and understanding.”
 The neo-Nazis attending the rally attempted to deter Myslikova from voicing her opinion, by trying to convince her that the presence of refugees in the country would affect her and other Czech citizens’ safety. Other rally attendants labeled Myslikova and other Scouts as extremists, which puzzled Myslikova because she did not equate being anti-fascist with being an extremist. Myslikova, however, did not waver and she continued to espouse the refugee cause. Her heated debated with a far-right winger was photographed by an attendant of the counter-movement, capturing Myslikova standing tall and confidently, seemingly unwavered by the antagonistic comments by the neo-Nazis that surrounded her. This striking photo conveys how a picture is truly worth a thousand words and perfectly encapsulates a quote that has become the new feminist mantra: “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

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